Do all lives matter? Or do only some lives matter? With the increasing tribalism we are seeing in America, this matters more than ever. But it’s not a new question. Ecclesiastes 1:9 ends with “there’s nothing new under the sun.”

Whose Fault is It?

“Mommy. He spilled milk on the dining room carpet.” “No! She left it near the edge so when I walked by it knocked over. It’s her fault.” “No – it wasn’t near the edge. He moved it there.” “Guys, I don’t care whose fault it is. Somebody just pick up the cup so it stops... Continue Reading →

As a child, I never understood how one could describe pain. Words like sharp, stabbing, aching. How could I know what I felt was sharp or stabbing? How do we know that what one describes as sharp another might not describe as aching? And isn’t grief a bit like this? Each of us has or will experience it in our lifetime. But how each one of us feels and describes those feelings is always different.

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