As followers of Jesus, we should live like he did, striving for true and genuine connection. His care and ability to get behind the “happy face” is remarkable and something I strive for. It’s also something that I’ve appreciated in others in my life. Those who truly see, behind the flashy façade are a treasure. I recently came across the following quote and it's been rolling around in my eyes ever since. It's about photography but also about so much more. It describes the power of being seen and valued by someone who loves, just like Jesus did.

Take my heart in Your hands. Remind me of Your majesty, Your goodness, Your grandeur. Remind me of my smallness yet importance to You. Ease my anxious heart this morning. Speak Your calming words as a balm to my soul. Show me oh Lord how to serve You best today, Show me how to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you today. Show me the justice you seek. Show me when and how to show mercy. Help me to remember my place in it all. Remind me of Your goodness, help me to reflect Your strength, Your grace, Your mercy, Your everything – more of you and less of me. Help me to die to myself more each day. Help me oh Lord to show others of Your promises, Your plans, Your love for us.

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