Trump truly does seem to see things through the lens of winning or losing. If one wins, they succeed. With his nicknames demeaning others during the election and his constant attacks on other people, it seems obvious that he believes that in order to stay on top, he needs to step on others. And it's worked - it's working. We as a society have turned so much of life into a zero sum game where one person's win means another's loss. 

I’ve always loved a good puzzle. Jigsaw, logic problems, word problems – anything with a concrete solution. While concrete solutions are important to me, I love the challenge of developing new strategies to get at that solution. On the other hand, approaching a problem using the same strategy bores me. This is both a gift... Continue Reading →

One of the top stories tonight is about our President tweeting insults and engaging in name calling. Much of the appeal of the President seems to be his willingness to speak in these ways. As someone who has always seen language as powerful and sacred, it angers me. As an 11-year-old, I would tell other... Continue Reading →

As a woman, I have seen that clean and tidy ideas can wreak havoc. When I hear jokes about how “women like to make things look pretty” in Christian circles, it leaves me inadequate. As a woman who would rather think about ideas and solve problems than make things pretty, it makes me an outsider. When women are described as the more emotional gender, I again am an outsider as tears don’t come easily to me. So I feel at home among the misfits in the stories of Scripture.

Silence is golden. Children should be seen and not heard.   How times they have changed. We work to give voices to those on the margins. The kids, minorities, women. All deserve a voice we say.   But what is a voice without listening ears? How can we share one another’s tears?   We need... Continue Reading →

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