The hustle and bustle, a balancing act Mustering strength to carry it all Holding more than anyone should Take this, take that Over here, over there Everyone counted on her strength and grace Not seeing her crumble beneath it all Never noticing her graceful façade slowly fading No one drew near enough to see her... Continue Reading →

Life is full of ups and downs Cups filled; cups emptied She tries to grasp onto time Yet the sand always slips away Another day gone by Too many things to do Each day she longs to start anew Yet each day comes full to the brim With no room for fresh beginnings Life’s momentum... Continue Reading →

Eyes opened, scanning my surroundings The brick wall in front of me Looming, cold, foreboding Yet maybe my presence could bring it warmth The forest behind me Home outgrown, a place of comfort but not belonging In the middle I stood Do I step forward? Do I step backward? I sat frozen in the in... Continue Reading →

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