Passionate. She took the word in and repeated it to herself, enjoying the way it rolled off her tongue. Passionate was not a word she used to describe herself. Yet, when she heard it, it seemed to fit like an old pair of jeans. Well, the pair of jeans that she’d thrown into a closet... Continue Reading →

It was a beautiful day. I couldn’t help but smile as I breathed in the fresh, warm air. The sky looked like a painting; a bright blue background scattered with white fluffy clouds and a bright sun. The river was calling out for me. It was the place where I always felt free to just... Continue Reading →

Math always made sense to me Problems with clear solutions Clear ending points No need to keep touching things up Life isn’t like this though Stories may have led us to think it is With their clear and often happy endings Giving us the impression that we can get closure But in life, endings aren’t... Continue Reading →

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