I look up to see the path I have been following end abruptly. I scan my surroundings to see an overgrown patch of land, a mess of trees, rocks, and weeds. I had heard a sacred call to follow this path to its end. But this is not where I expected it to lead. I... Continue Reading →

She was born with a collection of stones. As she grew, she came to understand these stones represented who she was created to be. They were all unique, some rough, some smooth, some shiny, some dull. But each one, she treasured with her whole heart. She held them close to her. They were her most... Continue Reading →

I find myself in the middle of the forest, surrounded by incomparable beauty. I know I should feel awe at the wonder of it all, but instead, all I can feel is an ache of longing. This pounding ache in my soul has been growing for months – maybe years. It started off small, like... Continue Reading →

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