No more hiding

We all hide ourselves. Like Adam and Eve, when we feel shame, we try to cover ourselves up. I wonder what those fig leaves looked like in the garden. Did they fit awkwardly like the labels and expectations we use to hide behind today? Sometimes our shame a result of things we ourselves have done.... Continue Reading →

Moments. They are what makes a lifetime. Some sorrowful, some joyful. Some ordinary, some unusual. Our memories of these moments can bring us joy or sorrow. Memories can haunt us, not allowing us to move past some moment. Or they can free us, reminding us of the possibilities that exist along our journeys. We take... Continue Reading →

Too many assume that a child who acts out just needs more discipline. While there’s a place for discipline of course, sometimes acting out comes from a place of inner turmoil. I am a puzzle solver by nature, always trying to get the root of things. This has always included my children’s unique personalities -... Continue Reading →

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