I hear there’s magic to be found.In the space between… between…. between what exactly?I’m not sure.Between what was and what is to come?Between where I was and where I will go?Between who I was and who I will be? What does it matter anyway? For me, there is no space.No space to hold my fiery... Continue Reading →

This writing prompt spoke to me. I am not certain of much, but I am certain that there are things in here that I can still learn from. And, I am certain that I can learn something from each of you and how you have seen the world.

I see beauty within you, just waiting to unfurl. You have spent so much time keeping that flower bud that is you folded up. You’ve spent years nourishing it, cultivating it, pruning it, molding it. You’ve even spent some time admiring it yourself. But now, before it’s too late, it’s time. You need to let... Continue Reading →

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