I awake suddenly, a feeling of emptiness in the pit of stomach. As my eyes adjust, all I see is stone around me. I open my mouth to try to call out for help, but no sound comes out. I begin to wander around, looking for someone who can help me. I desperately want to... Continue Reading →

Loosening our grip

Are you the kind of person who throws their hands up on a roller coaster? Or like me, do you cling to the bar like your life depends on it? As though, my arms will ensure that the bar doesn’t move and keeps me safe. I wonder if we do this with other things. When... Continue Reading →

Trying to follow Christ without knowing him can feel like trying to catch a cloud. Every time you get close enough to catch the cloud, you realize it can’t be grasped fully as it slips right through your hands. One can follow the right rules, say the right words, and do the right things. But... Continue Reading →

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