Distractions. How do we handle them? One of my favorite things about going to Bikram yoga are the little life lessons I learn along the way. Today I was reminded of one I learned a long time ago about distractions. During the hour and a half in a very hot room, there are likely hundreds... Continue Reading →

The term self-care generally doesn't appeal to me because it brings to mind massages, manicures, and things that I generally don't enjoy. But today, I had an epiphany about self-care. I think I may be behind the curve here in realizing this, but I realized that self-care isn't always pampering yourself or doing something you... Continue Reading →

As a child, I wasn’t a fan of team sports, so gym class was not my favorite. But I loved when we did obstacle courses. When we come across obstacles, there are many things we can do. We can give up, turning around and returning to our starting position. We can stop right in front... Continue Reading →

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