As a kid, I loved to play with the hose in the yard on a warm summer day. It was fun to create kinks in the hose, causing the water to slow down or completely stop flowing. And when we released those kinks, the force of the water was strong for a while before adjusting... Continue Reading →

It was a beautiful day. I couldn’t help but smile as I breathed in the fresh, warm air. The sky looked like a painting; a bright blue background scattered with white fluffy clouds and a bright sun. The river was calling out for me. It was the place where I always felt free to just... Continue Reading →

Too many assume that a child who acts out just needs more discipline. While there’s a place for discipline of course, sometimes acting out comes from a place of inner turmoil. I am a puzzle solver by nature, always trying to get the root of things. This has always included my children’s unique personalities -... Continue Reading →

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