Thrum The sound started softly, a whisper tickling my ear, sporadic and sometimes going dormant for weeks. I wondered if i was imagining things. Thrum Thrum By now, the sound was a familiar companion, though unpredictable. Some days, I thought it was calling me, but to where I did not know. Thrum Thrum Thrum Sometimes... Continue Reading →

She was enchanted by them. They called her since she was a little girl. She would dip a foot in the murky waters, feeling the freedom of her toes exploring the unknown. But as she did so, those around her warned her. They told her that she needed to be more careful. They said it... Continue Reading →

Today, as I was reading through some old journals, I was reminded of how so often we accidentally make suffering worse by saying things like this. But I think there can be a better way. We can remember that we need to bear with one another in love. That we need to experience our suffering, instead of pushing through it or avoiding it. We also need to allow our loved ones to suffer, no matter how difficult that seems.

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