Ambiguity, uncertainty, messiness.2020 feels like a year full of this, revealing how each of us handles ambiguity and uncertainty. Do we cling to what can control?Do we assume nothing we do makes a difference?Or do we walk somewhere in the middle of the mess? Ambiguity is hard for me. I like concrete answers, certainty, closure,... Continue Reading →

As we talk about masks, vaccines, and our individual rights, everyone seems to have strong feelings. Some see the public health crisis as a clear justification to require all to be vaccinated. And many of them are afraid of what will come if we do not get the virus under control. Many see no room... Continue Reading →

She spent hours putting pen to paper,          spilling ink from her deepest wounds,          filling pages, searching for meaning.  Sometimes, she had to coax the words to come, as though she were slowly untangling a knot. But she needed these words, needed their power to tell her story. So, she pulled them out, one by one,... Continue Reading →

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