How do you react when faced with ambiguity?  Some ask lots of questions, leaving open many doors and many perspectives.  Others close all doors around them and dig their heels into one perspective.  Neither is correct. Neither is incorrect. To be fair, as one with a higher tolerance for ambiguity, I may be biased though.... Continue Reading →

I’ve found pieces that I seem to have lost along the way, neglecting to ever fit into the puzzle lying on the ground in front of me. And I look to fit them, but they seem too big and there’s no room in my puzzle for them. And then I look closer still and see some pieces that I thought fit together really don’t.

Turning Points: Come Follow Me

I think there are key turning points in our lives. Times when we are headed one direction, but just like that, our sail is shifted. These moments can be good or bad, happy or sad, or even both. But they leave us changed forever. For Peter and Andrew, this moment happened in an ordinary day... Continue Reading →

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