As we talk about masks, vaccines, and our individual rights, everyone seems to have strong feelings. Some see the public health crisis as a clear justification to require all to be vaccinated. And many of them are afraid of what will come if we do not get the virus under control. Many see no room... Continue Reading →

Moments. They are what makes a lifetime. Some sorrowful, some joyful. Some ordinary, some unusual. Our memories of these moments can bring us joy or sorrow. Memories can haunt us, not allowing us to move past some moment. Or they can free us, reminding us of the possibilities that exist along our journeys. We take... Continue Reading →

Loosening our grip

Are you the kind of person who throws their hands up on a roller coaster? Or like me, do you cling to the bar like your life depends on it? As though, my arms will ensure that the bar doesn’t move and keeps me safe. I wonder if we do this with other things. When... Continue Reading →

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