Loosening our grip

Are you the kind of person who throws their hands up on a roller coaster? Or like me, do you cling to the bar like your life depends on it? As though, my arms will ensure that the bar doesn’t move and keeps me safe. I wonder if we do this with other things. When... Continue Reading →

I look up to see the path I have been following end abruptly. I scan my surroundings to see an overgrown patch of land, a mess of trees, rocks, and weeds. I had heard a sacred call to follow this path to its end. But this is not where I expected it to lead. I... Continue Reading →

Encountering Jesus has impacted my life in ways I cannot fully comprehend. The testimony of conversion, of turning one’s life over to Christ, is important in evangelical circles. And yet, I’ve never been able to articulate a clear story. Some may imagine this to mean that I never truly encountered Christ. Instead, I think it... Continue Reading →

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