As we talk about masks, vaccines, and our individual rights, everyone seems to have strong feelings. Some see the public health crisis as a clear justification to require all to be vaccinated. And many of them are afraid of what will come if we do not get the virus under control. Many see no room... Continue Reading →

She was born with a collection of stones. As she grew, she came to understand these stones represented who she was created to be. They were all unique, some rough, some smooth, some shiny, some dull. But each one, she treasured with her whole heart. She held them close to her. They were her most... Continue Reading →

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? Maybe your dad or mom pushed you down the road promising not to let go until you were ready. You never thought you were ready, but they let go anyway. And maybe you rode off into the sunshine and never looked back. Or maybe, like many, you fell down.

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