Does prayer work?

What do we mean when we say, “Prayer works”? I’ve heard this phrase a lot as a Christian in a variety of situations.  Prayer works! I got the job. Prayer works! He is recovering. Prayer works! He is getting sober. Prayer works! The broken relationship is being mended. These words, though well-intentioned, bother me. Two... Continue Reading →

Moments. They are what makes a lifetime. Some sorrowful, some joyful. Some ordinary, some unusual. Our memories of these moments can bring us joy or sorrow. Memories can haunt us, not allowing us to move past some moment. Or they can free us, reminding us of the possibilities that exist along our journeys. We take... Continue Reading →

Words. These abstract things wield such power. They can be used to tear down or to lift up. They help us to share information and to connect us to one another in friendships.  Words are both easy and hard for me. I can take pen to paper and create a beautiful sentence. Some may even... Continue Reading →

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