I heard the whispers in the wind. Drawn to the familiar sound, I was certain it would lead me to a place where I belong. I followed the melodic tune down a meandering path. I traveled so far that I found myself lost and alone in the forest. When I could no longer see clearly,... Continue Reading →

I find myself in the middle of the forest, surrounded by incomparable beauty. I know I should feel awe at the wonder of it all, but instead, all I can feel is an ache of longing. This pounding ache in my soul has been growing for months – maybe years. It started off small, like... Continue Reading →

Turning Points: Come Follow Me

I think there are key turning points in our lives. Times when we are headed one direction, but just like that, our sail is shifted. These moments can be good or bad, happy or sad, or even both. But they leave us changed forever. For Peter and Andrew, this moment happened in an ordinary day... Continue Reading →

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