I heard the whispers in the wind. Drawn to the familiar sound, I was certain it would lead me to a place where I belong. I followed the melodic tune down a meandering path. I traveled so far that I found myself lost and alone in the forest. When I could no longer see clearly,... Continue Reading →

This writing prompt spoke to me. I am not certain of much, but I am certain that there are things in here that I can still learn from. And, I am certain that I can learn something from each of you and how you have seen the world.

Since she was a little girl, she loved exploring the woods. She would wander along the dry riverbed, looking at the rocks, the trees, the bugs, the squirrels. Every piece of nature was a mystery to be solved, a puzzle to be put together. And who didn’t like mysteries and puzzles? Well, she knew some... Continue Reading →

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