She covered the window to her soul with shutters. They were needed to withstand the storm. She knew the damage the rain and winds could do. And so she burrowed safely inside. Frozen by the fear of what an open window might bring. Each day, the sounds of life outside caused her heart to bubble.... Continue Reading →

The room. The room in my house. The room that held all that I cherished and loved. The room where I felt more myself than anywhere else. That room hidden so deep inside I forgot it was there.  For many years, I worked hard to fill the rest of my house. I walked through life... Continue Reading →

The Dance with My Heart

Somewhere along the way, I put my heart into a box. I wanted to contain the pain and longing. I carried it with me in a bag. That bag was stuffed to overflowing. When things arose that needed my heart, I threw them in the bag to handle later. But eventually, the bag became so... Continue Reading →

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