Deep in the forest lives a flower that knows her name. She hears it beckon to her and can’t resist its call. Late at night, while she should be sleeping, she tiptoes out the door, her heart drawn like a moth to a flame. She wanders through the forest, past trees, bushes, and ferns. She... Continue Reading →

She wore so many different hats. With each hat came a new face. The transformation was amazing. She knew just what to do when wearing each hat. With the pink and purple hat came a kind, nurturing face – just what her children ordered. With the black hat came a no-nonsense approach, just what she... Continue Reading →

The hustle and bustle, a balancing act Mustering strength to carry it all Holding more than anyone should Take this, take that Over here, over there Everyone counted on her strength and grace Not seeing her crumble beneath it all Never noticing her graceful façade slowly fading No one drew near enough to see her... Continue Reading →

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