As a kid, I loved to play with the hose in the yard on a warm summer day. It was fun to create kinks in the hose, causing the water to slow down or completely stop flowing. And when we released those kinks, the force of the water was strong for a while before adjusting... Continue Reading →

I look up to see the path I have been following end abruptly. I scan my surroundings to see an overgrown patch of land, a mess of trees, rocks, and weeds. I had heard a sacred call to follow this path to its end. But this is not where I expected it to lead. I... Continue Reading →

Messy. Divided. Broken. As I look around, I see so much pain. So much hurt. So much brokenness. So much division. And yet, I can’t help but think, in the midst of our fractured society, we all are living in the midst of a broken world. And it’s painful - for all of us.  The... Continue Reading →

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