Alcohol has wreaked havoc on many, its impact leaving a stain throughout generations. Because of its impact on me personally, I talk very openly about it at home, in the hopes that my children will learn that alcohol should be consumed with caution. Because of this, my fifteen-year-old has approached me to say that she... Continue Reading →

I’ve always loved a good puzzle. Jigsaw, logic problems, word problems – anything with a concrete solution. While concrete solutions are important to me, I love the challenge of developing new strategies to get at that solution. On the other hand, approaching a problem using the same strategy bores me. This is both a gift... Continue Reading →

I want to teach my kids that feeling the pain of disappointment, sadness and fear is important, that avoiding it will just cause a larger infection to brew inside. Yet my body fights my mind when I see pain creep into their faces, hear it in their voices, and feel it creep into my body. My heart starts racing and I forget to breathe. And I want to fix it, make them feel better, make myself feel better.

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