Mirror Lake, the largest lake in the enchanted forest, was no ordinary body of water. Its mystical powers were known throughout the land. People warned her of the danger lurking underneath the surface. She heard rumors that when you sat by the lake, you could hear the call in the depths of your soul to... Continue Reading →

The Window

I left the window open just a crack. The room was precious to me, the insides fragile and invaluable. It took years to collect and to craft that room. I was afraid what would happen if someone stepped inside. Would they be gentle with the contents, appreciate them, and treat them with the honor they... Continue Reading →


On this journey called life, our souls are meant to connect with the souls of others. These connections can be made during anything from a brief interaction with a stranger to a lifetime of interactions with friends and family. Sometimes, these connections are slippery. The moment we try to touch the other’s soul, they slip... Continue Reading →

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