Swallowed words

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who swallowed a word. She didn’t quite know why she couldn’t speak that word. Maybe she was afraid of what others would think. Maybe she felt like her word was too much of a burden for others. But like so many things in life, her small... Continue Reading →

She spent hours putting pen to paper,          spilling ink from her deepest wounds,          filling pages, searching for meaning.  Sometimes, she had to coax the words to come, as though she were slowly untangling a knot. But she needed these words, needed their power to tell her story. So, she pulled them out, one by one,... Continue Reading →

I awake suddenly, a feeling of emptiness in the pit of stomach. As my eyes adjust, all I see is stone around me. I open my mouth to try to call out for help, but no sound comes out. I begin to wander around, looking for someone who can help me. I desperately want to... Continue Reading →

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