I’ve always loved a good puzzle. Jigsaw, logic problems, word problems – anything with a concrete solution. While concrete solutions are important to me, I love the challenge of developing new strategies to get at that solution. On the other hand, approaching a problem using the same strategy bores me. This is both a gift and a curse. While this has given me a knack for coming up with unique solutions, it also creates chaos as I hate routines.

As this school year is starting, I’m faced with this dilemma again. Do I try once again to create a new routine? How long will it last if I do? One day? One week?

This video by How to ADHD had some of the best tips I’ve seen for creating a habit. Maybe I need to take this advice and start with one thing at a time, adding it to something that already is a habit.

Does anyone else have any tips for how to actually turn my routines into habits?

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