I’m lost, entangled in thick, overgrown weeds which wrap around me like a blanket. Except this blanket is thorny and every move I make is painful. I’m quickly becoming overcome by them, the life inside slowly being choked away. I try to free myself enduring pain with every move. And yet, every time I think... Continue Reading →

But one day, as I was walking, a thick fog began to envelop me. I could no longer see the beauty in the distance. I could barely see my hands in front of my face. And that voice, the one that I had grown so familiar with? It became harder to hear through the thickness of the fog.

How do you react when faced with ambiguity?  Some ask lots of questions, leaving open many doors and many perspectives.  Others close all doors around them and dig their heels into one perspective.  Neither is correct. Neither is incorrect. To be fair, as one with a higher tolerance for ambiguity, I may be biased though.... Continue Reading →

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