The Window

I left the window open just a crack. The room was precious to me, the insides fragile and invaluable. It took years to collect and to craft that room. I was afraid what would happen if someone stepped inside. Would they be gentle with the contents, appreciate them, and treat them with the honor they... Continue Reading →

Does prayer work?

What do we mean when we say, “Prayer works”? I’ve heard this phrase a lot as a Christian in a variety of situations.  Prayer works! I got the job. Prayer works! He is recovering. Prayer works! He is getting sober. Prayer works! The broken relationship is being mended. These words, though well-intentioned, bother me. Two... Continue Reading →


Ambiguity, uncertainty, messiness.2020 feels like a year full of this, revealing how each of us handles ambiguity and uncertainty. Do we cling to what can control?Do we assume nothing we do makes a difference?Or do we walk somewhere in the middle of the mess? Ambiguity is hard for me. I like concrete answers, certainty, closure,... Continue Reading →

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