God, where are you?

Can I find you in the clouds high in the sky? 

Or in the depths of the ocean?

Can I find you in the colors of the autumn trees? 

Or in the flowers blooming in the spring?

Can I find you in early morning bird chirps?

Or in the crunching of autumn leaves beneath my feet?

Can I find you in the sunrises and sunset?

Or in the rain and in the snow?

Can I find you in the fig leaves?

Or in the shame they cover up?

If I put on masks aplenty, will you love the image I’ve made?

If I do the things I ought to do, will it make you love me more?

If I seek out moments of silence, will I find you there?

If I spend time with those who know you, will you meet me there?

Are you in the beating of my heart?

Or the thoughts inside my mind?

Are you in the tears I shed alone?

Or the joys I share with others?

Are you in the birth of a new child?

Or in the death of a loved one?

Are you in successes we celebrate?

Or the failures we run from?

Are you in the friends who stand by us?

Or in the ones who fade away?

Are you in the moments of joy?

Or in the moments of sorrow?

Are you in these words? 

Where are you oh God?

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