♪♪ God only knows what I’d be without you – Beach Boys♪♪   Those who knew my brother Chris knew how much he loved The Beach Boys and how much he cared for the environment. Today is Earth Day and in two days, it will be fifteen years since my Chris died. As I think... Continue Reading →

  I’ve always been really good at compartmentalizing. As a child, I learned to tuck all of my problems neatly into a box and focus on schoolwork. My brother might be in the hospital or my dad in rehab, but I had homework to do. And that, that I could control. That I could do.... Continue Reading →

Elijah didn’t hesitate to tell God how he felt. He wanted to die and said so. He was done. It was all too much. Have you ever felt like Elijah? I know I have. Though I’ve never had someone threatening to kill me, I’ve had hard seasons where things feel like too much. And I can choose to put on a smile and pretend I’m okay. Or I can say, “I have had enough, Lord.”

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