Loving details can be both exhausting and lonely. I’ve always been the one to jump into others’ attempts to tell stories by correcting minute details, ruining the story in the process. Because when I step back I realize they weren’t really messing up the story. They were giving it life. I’m not much of a... Continue Reading →

As a child, I never understood how one could describe pain. Words like sharp, stabbing, aching. How could I know what I felt was sharp or stabbing? How do we know that what one describes as sharp another might not describe as aching? And isn’t grief a bit like this? Each of us has or will experience it in our lifetime. But how each one of us feels and describes those feelings is always different.

Choosing a Father’s Day card for my dad has always been arduous. Most have too many words for a man with few of his own. At least few that he shared with me. He probably had many words. He was an English major after all. Yet, somehow, to me at least, he was a man... Continue Reading →

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