How do you react when faced with ambiguity?  Some ask lots of questions, leaving open many doors and many perspectives.  Others close all doors around them and dig their heels into one perspective.  Neither is correct. Neither is incorrect. To be fair, as one with a higher tolerance for ambiguity, I may be biased though.... Continue Reading →

But I’ve also noticed some whose lack of understanding of depression and anxiety heaps coal on the burning pain of those who experience them. Again, I think you are good intentioned, wanting people to be able to feel as light and free as you do because of what you see as hope in Christ. You can’t imagine how people could experience such low feelings if they know Christ, have faith and have their thoughts focused on Him.

Distractions. How do we handle them? One of my favorite things about going to Bikram yoga are the little life lessons I learn along the way. Today I was reminded of one I learned a long time ago about distractions. During the hour and a half in a very hot room, there are likely hundreds... Continue Reading →

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