She covered the window to her soul with shutters. They were needed to withstand the storm. She knew the damage the rain and winds could do. And so she burrowed safely inside. Frozen by the fear of what an open window might bring. Each day, the sounds of life outside caused her heart to bubble.... Continue Reading →

I hear there’s magic to be found.In the space between… between…. between what exactly?I’m not sure.Between what was and what is to come?Between where I was and where I will go?Between who I was and who I will be? What does it matter anyway? For me, there is no space.No space to hold my fiery... Continue Reading →

She spent hours putting pen to paper,          spilling ink from her deepest wounds,          filling pages, searching for meaning.  Sometimes, she had to coax the words to come, as though she were slowly untangling a knot. But she needed these words, needed their power to tell her story. So, she pulled them out, one by one,... Continue Reading →

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