Trying to follow Christ without knowing him can feel like trying to catch a cloud. Every time you get close enough to catch the cloud, you realize it can’t be grasped fully as it slips right through your hands. One can follow the right rules, say the right words, and do the right things. But... Continue Reading →

Encountering Jesus has impacted my life in ways I cannot fully comprehend. The testimony of conversion, of turning one’s life over to Christ, is important in evangelical circles. And yet, I’ve never been able to articulate a clear story. Some may imagine this to mean that I never truly encountered Christ. Instead, I think it... Continue Reading →

We’ve forgotten how to listenHow to sit and just be silentWe’re too quick to leap to answersOr to find someone to blame We worship God on SundaysAnd claim to follow HimAnd yet our words written In places we think unseenMake others into enemiesAnd share hate instead of love We need to seek out othersWho are different... Continue Reading →

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