We’ve forgotten how to listen
How to sit and just be silent
We’re too quick to leap to answers
Or to find someone to blame

We worship God on Sundays
And claim to follow Him
And yet our words written 
In places we think unseen
Make others into enemies
And share hate instead of love

We need to seek out others
Who are different than us
We need to look them in the eyes
And see that they are people 
And are valuable as such

When we hide behind computers
It’s too easy to forget
That the one to whom we’re talking
Is someone worthy of love

We need to do better
I need to do better
To seek out voices different than mine
To push aside my tendency toward defense
To open up my ears and listen
Listen to understand 
Rather than to build up my next argument

I believe there’s beauty among us 
And many stories to be told
That different perspectives can teach us
If we’ll only listen, listen to understand
We may not agree, but can choose to love
And choose to broaden our perspective
To see those who are different not as enemies 
But as those we’re called to love

Because if we fail to listen, if we fail to love
Then we fail the God who called us 
The One we promised to follow 
Who told us to love our enemies 
Who gave his all for us
You may think me naïve 
But I choose love

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