The Dance with My Heart

Somewhere along the way, I put my heart into a box. I wanted to contain the pain and longing. I carried it with me in a bag. That bag was stuffed to overflowing. When things arose that needed my heart, I threw them in the bag to handle later. But eventually, the bag became so... Continue Reading →

Math always made sense to me Problems with clear solutions Clear ending points No need to keep touching things up Life isn’t like this though Stories may have led us to think it is With their clear and often happy endings Giving us the impression that we can get closure But in life, endings aren’t... Continue Reading →

♪♪ God only knows what I’d be without you – Beach Boys♪♪   Those who knew my brother Chris knew how much he loved The Beach Boys and how much he cared for the environment. Today is Earth Day and in two days, it will be fifteen years since my Chris died. As I think... Continue Reading →

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