She covered the window to her soul with shutters. They were needed to withstand the storm. She knew the damage the rain and winds could do. And so she burrowed safely inside. Frozen by the fear of what an open window might bring. Each day, the sounds of life outside caused her heart to bubble.... Continue Reading →

Somewhere deep inside I know this to be true.  And yet, my heart and mind war. Mind: How can we trust a voice from inside?  Heart: But what if that voice leads us somewhere beautiful? I feel hope.  Mind: But what if leads us to tragedy? Heart: That could be unbearable. It feels scary to... Continue Reading →

Silence is golden. Children should be seen and not heard.   How times they have changed. We work to give voices to those on the margins. The kids, minorities, women. All deserve a voice we say.   But what is a voice without listening ears? How can we share one another’s tears?   We need... Continue Reading →

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