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Somewhere deep inside I know this to be true. 

And yet, my heart and mind war.

Mind: How can we trust a voice from inside? 

Heart: But what if that voice leads us somewhere beautiful? I feel hope. 

Mind: But what if leads us to tragedy?

Heart: That could be unbearable. It feels scary to me. 

Mind: It sounds foolish to me. 

Heart: Maybe you’re right. But what if you’re wrong? What if this will bring us joy?

Mind: But what if brings us pain? 

On and on, in circles, the mind and heart at war within. 

The noise of their battles drowning out that soul deep voice that is whispering over and over again, “It is true. It is true. Just quiet yourself. Sit still. Listen to me. I can give you hope and joy. There will be pain and tragedy too. But I promise, if you listen to me, you will learn to be fully you. And the world needs all of you.”

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