Life is full of ups and downs
Cups filled; cups emptied
She tries to grasp onto time
Yet the sand always slips away
Another day gone by
Too many things to do
Each day she longs to start anew
Yet each day comes full to the brim
With no room for fresh beginnings
Life’s momentum has taken over
Not enough hours between sunrise and sunset
Never enough time to do all the things
The things she’s picked up along the way
People count on her to do those things
But what if one day she dared to let go?
What if she let those things go?
And instead, held the sand of time in her hands
Holding on tightly, molding it into something new
Using that sand to fill her soul, to fill her cup
Would others’ cups remain unfilled?
Would they look at her with eyes disdained?
Would they learn to fill their cups?
And if they didn’t could she let it go?
As she lay her head to bed she thought, maybe tomorrow.

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