The hustle and bustle, a balancing act
Mustering strength to carry it all
Holding more than anyone should
Take this, take that
Over here, over there

Everyone counted on her strength and grace
Not seeing her crumble beneath it all
Never noticing her graceful façade slowly fading
No one drew near enough to see her weary soul
Until one day, one single glance pierced through her walls

With a crash, it all came tumbling down
She no longer had the strength to hide
She lay there for a while, beneath the mess of it all
Waiting for something – but for what or for who?
Would someone come and tell her what to do?

She lay there for a while, feeling bone tired from it all
And there in that moment, it occurred to her
The person she needed was right there with her
She needed to learn to trust herself
But she no longer knew who that was

So, as she lay underneath the mess of it all, she gave herself permission to take the time to figure that out. She gave herself permission to slow down, to take the time to listen to her body, to figure out what made her heart leap and what made it sink. She knew it wouldn’t be easy. But the important things never are.

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