Today I came across #oneword and #myoneword. Pick a word for the year and keep this word in mind everyday throughout the year. People pick words like “trust”, “fearless”, “committed”, and “patience.” I decided that I wanted to pick a word for 2018. I love words so I figured this would be a great way to give some intention to the new year.

Last year I thought a lot about flexibility and strength, something my yoga teachers often say. Sometimes you can rely on your flexibility in a posture instead of building the strength you need. As someone who is flexible, both physically and mentally, I’ve thought of this a metaphor for my life as well. I pencil in tasks and appointments that I can quickly erase or move around to fit in last minute needs or requests. This can be an asset but also an enormous weakness. I’ve wanted to work on this so I started thinking of words related this.

“Strength” – this was my first thought since this is what we talk about in yoga. But the word strength didn’t really fit as I see myself as strong in many ways. Back to the drawing board called internet searching.

“Discipline” – this one caught my eye as structure is something I need but I’ve been one to set a goal and meet it so this didn’t seem quite right. More internet searching…

“Intentional” – this word captured my desire to be intentional with my time instead of so flexible so maybe. Or maybe not….

“Focus” – all this thinking about words and internet searching made me realize how scattered my mind was. Maybe focus is what I need. Or maybe not…

“Decisive” – at this point, it became clear I can’t make decisions. Maybe this is what I should focus on. Being decisive.

Or maybe it should be intentional? Or maybe focus? Or discipline? Or strength?

Any words of wisdom for me? Suggestions for other words (because I really need more choices)?

And how about you? Have you picked a word to focus on this year?





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