“Sometimes I think I don’t want to have kids because I don’t want to leave them in the world we are leaving them in.” – my 16 year old daughter

I’ve always cringed when people talk about how horrible things are in the world and how worried they are for future generations.

However, when I heard this from my daughter, it wasn’t annoying but instead made me stop and think. I realized it bothers me when others talk about how horrible the world is becoming because it’s often noted with detachment, as though they aren’t part of this world and don’t have an impact. In reality, we all do have an impact on the world, be it big or small. Let’s learn from my 16-year-old to take some ownership and responsibility for both the little and the big things.

It can be difficult to acknowledge that we have may have played a part in problems. But if we don’t then we lose the opportunity to play a part in solutions.

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