Distractions. How do we handle them? One of my favorite things about going to Bikram yoga are the little life lessons I learn along the way. Today I was reminded of one I learned a long time ago about distractions.

During the hour and a half in a very hot room, there are likely hundreds of little distractions. An itch in the ear, wanting to wipe sweat off of yourself, thinking about taking a sip of water, mind wandering to your day’s plans. I had a teacher or two who would encourage us to ignore those distractions, conserve our energy, practice stillness in the uncomfortable.

Instead of rushing to scratch an itch or do something else to eliminate discomfort, sitting with it helps me to realize that usually it goes away quickly. In doing so, I am more focused on the task in front of me, conserving energy for the important things. That has been a lesson I carry with me and need to remind myself of often.

I encourage you to give it a try.


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