She was enchanted by them. They called her since she was a little girl. She would dip a foot in the murky waters, feeling the freedom of her toes exploring the unknown. But as she did so, those around her warned her. They told her that she needed to be more careful. They said it was better to stay in the shallow water, where one could see what lie beneath, where the water was clear, and all was known. 

And so, she began to heed their warnings. She buried the parts of herself that longed to explore the places where one could not see what lie beneath. She made her home here for a while, not daring to explore those murky waters that lie just beyond her sight. She found some comfort in knowing that there was safety in the shallow waters. 

But somewhere deep inside, her heart still longed for the deeper waters, for the places where not all was known, where there was mystery. The yearning grew stronger with the passing of time, the comfort of the shallow waters becoming less satisfying. She longed to find others to explore the deep waters with, who also felt that call in their bones.

But she was afraid, those warnings of others lingering in her mind. What if they were right? What if the depth was just a trap? What if there was nothing but danger there? But could she ignore this deep yearning in her soul, the ache she felt in her body as she thought of the idea of dipping her toes back into that glorious, murky water? 

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