The sound started softly, a whisper tickling my ear, sporadic and sometimes going dormant for weeks. I wondered if i was imagining things.

Thrum Thrum

By now, the sound was a familiar companion, though unpredictable. Some days, I thought it was calling me, but to where I did not know.

Thrum Thrum Thrum

Sometimes hearing it brought a painful longing, as though I was being beckoned to a place I could not go.

Thrum Thrum Thrum Thrum

Other times, I felt hopeful, as though I was figuring out the way, drawing closer to its source.

Thrum Thrum Thrum Thrum Thrum

There was no ignoring it now, it’s rhythm finding a constant home in my heart, calling me to it with a strength and richness I longed to reach. And yet, it always remained, just out of reach.

Was I destined for this in between space?

A place of both immense pain and immense pleasure.

A place where I was both lost and found.

A place where I felt both invisible and exposed.

A place that felt close to home and yet so far away.

I hope not. I long to reach a place where my heart can dwell, where the beckoning call subsides and I can find rest. But until then, I find myself here, in a place of unrest, and I wait.

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