I see beauty within you, just waiting to unfurl. You have spent so much time keeping that flower bud that is you folded up. You’ve spent years nourishing it, cultivating it, pruning it, molding it. You’ve even spent some time admiring it yourself. But now, before it’s too late, it’s time. You need to let the world see the beauty that is you.

You will feel awkward and clumsy, like a kid for the first time on roller skates. I want you to know that we all feel like that sometimes. We are all only human after all. But I also want you to know this. I need you to know this. 

It is essential that you allow yourself to fall. You can’t spend your life skating along the edges, moving so deliberately – so slowly and carefully – that you never fall. Your flower won’t bloom that way. 

Instead, move into the middle of the rink. 

Skate forwards. Skate backwards. Twirl around. 

Let yourself laugh and let yourself cry. 

Even allow yourself to bump into people sometimes. 

You’re allowed to take up space just like them. 

Do apologize if you knock someone over but don’t let it keep you from skating again. 

And in case you didn’t get the message – FALL! If you’re not falling, you won’t bloom. 

And if you don’t bloom, the beauty inside you won’t get to meet the world. And the world won’t get to meet your beauty. 

What a shame that would be – what a waste! Because there’s magic when the world encounters beauty. Your beauty will inspire others to unfurl more. And others will inspire you to unfurl more. And sometimes, your flower buds will blend to create a new flower with beauty unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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