Embracing Feelings

They feel sad – we say be happy.

They feel scared – we say be brave.

They feel angry – we say be calm.

We confuse feelings with actions. Instead of meeting people in their feelings, we feed into shame by suggesting that their feelings are wrong. It’s easier to offer the pat answer than to enter into someone’s pain and so we do so. And we wonder why people hide their pain – with drugs, with overeating, with under eating, with alcohol, with sex, with meeting others needs and ignoring their own. But what if we not only acted brave but were courageous enough to enter into others pain and tell them they weren’t alone. Would we find that they would feel better? Would we realize that they are really not that different than us? Would we form connections that would lift each other up? Would we carry others to the arms of Jesus when they are too weak to carry themselves? Would we allow others to carry us? And in this would we see the church that God intended? In its raw and naked form, unafraid of weakness and pain. Knowing that Christ was there once and all He wanted was for His friends to wait up and pray with Him. Can we be friends who sit with each other in these times of deep anguish? And show the world Christ?

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