Got Junk… Need Junk… How can we help?

Yesterday, I drove by a 1-800-GOT-JUNK sign. My thoughts turned to my aunt’s death last year and the cleaning out of her condo. When it came down to it, my mom was looking for the simplest solution so we ended up calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK as they could take the furniture, clothes donations, and garbage. As they threw things haphazardly into the truck, my aunt and the other residents were disturbed by how little they seemed to care about how it would come out. They said they would donate what they could but my aunt was convinced it was all going in the trash. We were originally going to donate the furniture to the Salvation Army but it would’ve taken more coordination and my mom didn’t have the energy in her in the midst of the grief.

This made me wonder if there’s a need for some sort of business/organization that helps grieving families clean out their homes while also helping those who are moving into new homes obtain furniture and other household items. There are organizations that I know help people who are just getting started in their homes but I’ve never come across one that pulls these two needs together. To be able to minister to those in the midst of grief and the midst of new beginnings would be amazing.

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