I was thinking today about how small moments and the stories we tell surrounding them can shape us. They can help us find a path where we can be more fully ourselves. Or they can lead us down a path of hiding. And we need each other to see the paths more clearly.

We need others to tell us what they see in us, and we need to tell others what we see in them. We need to take the time to listen, be curious, and speak truth to one another in love. We need to tell people the things we appreciate about them, the things we see they excel at, and the things we think they may be hiding behind. Though our words may feel awkward and seem unimportant to us, they may mean the world to another if we are brave enough to say them.

I know small words of encouragement and truth telling have been life-changing for me, leading me to better understand myself. And I am so thankful for each person who has done this for me. I am praying tonight for the courage to do the same for others.

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