Tiptoe through the hidden door
Fear, pain, sadness – so much, too much
A tower of memories long neglected
Buried beneath stories told, some truth some lies

Clutter, chaos
Old books and pictures scattered everywhere
Piled high beneath the dust
Buried inside the forgotten room

Do I dare walk further inside?
Pick up the scattered pieces?
Examine them more closely?
Or should I turn around and run, leaving this room for another day?

Courage and hope push me forward
Deeper into the room, feeling terrified
But also – a sense of urgency, a need to find what’s been lost
To uncover secrets long hidden from the world, from myself

One by one I pick up the pieces
Examine them
To see what fits, what needs mending, what needs to be thrown out
Which stories to keep and which to toss

What’s true and what’s not?
What should stay? What should go?
How does one know? Is it all a guess?
Or does the heart know?

Slowly, things are sorted
Some to be tossed, others treasured
Some piles set aside for another day
I step back and scan the room

And in the corner beneath the piles set aside for another day
Sparkles a jewel
So bright and shiny
Familiar yet new

And dare I feel
A glimmer of hope
That someday, I may fully uncover that jewel
And bask in its beauty, with a sense of meaning and a feeling of home

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